Testimonials and feedback from athletes, coaches and parents. 


"I have been working with and developing young goaltenders for over fifteen years. In that time I have stayed consistent in my efforts to remain a true student of the game and of the position. We have all seen the speed and style of the game progress over time. I feel that it is important for all of us as coaches to keep an open mind towards new techniques and teaching methods in service to our athletes.

I was introduced to Lyle Mast, OR Sports and the training platform of Head Trajectory in the Fall of 2009. After learning the basic principles of Head Trajectory, I could immediately see its value. Head Trajectory is not simply the re-invention of puck-tracking. In my opinion, it is a definite innovation in training that can have a positive effect on any goaltender. This training can allow athletes to sharpen their focus in practice while tying in and effecting improvement on the many disciplines of playing goal.

In June 2010, I invited Lyle to conduct a week-long camp with twenty of my prospect goaltenders. Through that camp I have now become well versed in Head Trajectory training. I saw my students begin to gear into the new practice process and demonstrate an immediate improvement in puck-stopping consistency. We have been using Head Trajectory training for two months now, and my goaltenders are consistently seeing puck contact, have better control of their rebounds and are connected to the puck throughout the entire post-save recovery. Although our training is now primarily focused on maintaining the head-on-puck relationship, I have seen improvements in positional movement, a higher rate of frozen pucks, and the ability to maintain balance and still move on broken plays and 2nd-3rd chances.

I highly recommend Head Trajectory training and the added concepts being presented by Lyle Mast and OR SPORTS. Anyone looking to further their abilities as a goaltending coach should look to this platform as an opportunity to become contemporary. This is a method of training that will give a definite advantage to those who use it."

LA Hockey/BCHL Goalie Coach


"Plainly said, OR Sports has been a "game changer" for the Spruce Grove Saints of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. During the past two and a half years, our organization has benefitted tremendously from a program designed to maximize our goaltender's ability to "see" in order to reach a consistent level of excellence. OR Sports has been the foundation for our goaltenders' growth and development. Each of our goalies has been given an opportunity to refine his  game without a complete technical overhaul that could have led to inconsistent play and reduced confidence. Instead, the science behind OR Sports has become the very platform from which all future growth originates. The program calls for subtle changes in body positioning in order to allow for Optimum Reaction.  Our goalies showed immediate improvement after being introduced to OR Sports and have consequently become more consistent, more confident, and certainly more self-aware in a very short period of time.

From a coaching perspective, no longer do I evaluate a goaltender based on a "hunch" or a "gut feeling". I have become far more in tune with whether or not a goalie is giving himself an opportunity to truly "see" the puck. The science of OR Sports is extremely logical in its foundation and sequential in its application. Goaltenders of all ages can benefit from the principles of OR Sports.  I feel fortunate to have been involved in the implementation of such leading-edge ideas and principles that guide OR Sports."

AJHL Coach



1. How does Head Trajectory TM (HT) impact your ability in executing the drills?

"When I finally did it properly, everything seemed easier and I was really smooth and controlled (good rebounds)."

2. How important do you think HT could be to your future development?

"I believe this is the difference in one making it to the NHL and staying in the minors. The game only gets faster so to be more efficient is huge."

AHL Goalie


1. How does Head Trajectory TM (HT) impact your ability in executing the drills?

"It got easier. 'following the puck' got me on my proper angle and depth, got me there quicker, and with less effort, same thing with the post saves."

2. How important do you think HT could be to your future development?

"It's very important, it simplifies my game, makes not only my first save but my post saves more efficient."

AHL Goalie


"The immediate results, spawning off of head trajectory taught by OR Sports is astronomical. As a goaltender who struggled with confidence and consistency growing up I found that the traditional idea of technical than ability to make the save was entirely wrong. In fact OR Sports proved to me that it is giving yourself the ability to see the puck through head trajectory that is the base. Then building a technical game follows. I was able as a young goaltender in the western hockey league to make great strides in ability, and mentally in my game by implementing and training with Lyle Mast of OR Sports.

I would strongly recommend the company to goaltenders of all ages. Timbits to pro. Since it deals mainly with head positioning and trajectory it is an easy concept to attach onto. It than is upon the goaltender himself to take it from there and develop with it. With little knowledge prior to my work with Lyle Mast of OR Sports I would have never accredited a goaltenders ability to how he tracks the puck. But being with it for a full season now and seeing where its been able to place my game I am a firm believer that every goaltender who is serious about making a career should have access to OR Sports' training.

I will continue to pursue my training with Lyle Mast and will continue to push my ideas and feedback on the program. It produces immediate results and is amazingly simple to first implement. With further training with OR Sports I believe that they will put me to where I have always dream to play. Professional."

WHL Goalie


"The Optimum Reaction Sports' program is essential to any athlete who wishes to become the most successful in the specific sport they pursue. The athletes who are exposed to OR Sports have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. The simplicity of adjusting the head position makes this concept very easy to understand and learn, which is why implementing this at the grassroots level would be painless. I know for a fact that if I had the opportunity to work with OR Sports at a young age, in minor hockey, my game would be exponentially better that is it now. After being introduced to OR Sports at the beginning of this hockey season, it is easy to see the improvements in my play. Rebound control, lateral movement, and consistency are have been the main beneficiaries. 

Throughout my hockey career, I have attended countless hockey schools, goaltending clinics and one on one sessions. Most of which mainly focus on the technical side of goaltending. The thing about OR Sports that appeals to me the most is that there is virtually no thought process involved. A simple change in the way your head is positioned is all you need. Yes, working on the mental and technical part of your game is suggested, but with OR Sports everything begins with your head. I noticed that with simply worrying about where my head is set up, relieves me of having to put too much emphasis on being “mentally focused”. For me personally, this takes off much of the stress of hockey and being mentally fatigued after a game.

Implementing OR Sports at the grassroots level of hockey would be the best way of improving young athletes, in specific, young goaltenders. Having them work with this through their entire hockey career and not just as they reach a high level will allow them to unlock all the possible benefits of OR Sports. There will be such a seamless transition from level to level, because the goaltenders will be trained to focus on their one and only opponent. The puck. It does not matter who the other players are, or other team is, all that matters for an OR Sports goaltender, is the prioritizing of head position and sight of the puck."

AJHL Goalie


"OR Sports not only allowed me to make a seamless transition from Junior “A” hockey to the collegiate level, but it gave me the tools and understanding of the position to compete on a consistent basis. OR Sports provided me with a platform of success that I could continually utilize and rely on as a constant in my mental preparations prior to a game. Having something that makes sense and works allowed me to transform what was a horrid start to my last junior season into a successful season where I learned all the tools that would contribute to a successful career at the next level.  By understanding the concepts provided by OR Sports, a goaltender can immediately recognize problems within their game while having the knowledge and ability to fix them. OR Sports provides goaltenders with the ability to understand how head placement and optimal vision contribute to successful goaltending. By maintaining optimal vision on a target, a goaltender maximizes his/her ability to make saves. The most impressive aspect of this program is its limited reliance on technical training. Goaltenders of all levels can adopt the importance of head rotation to provide better vision. Without changing a goaltenders style of play, OR Sports will increase the student’s ability to stop the puck, along with providing them with the knowledge and understanding behind the success. Being able to understand the reasoning behind a poor performance allows a goaltender to realize his/her limited vision on the puck and how it negatively impacted their game. Fortunately, one can mentally remind themselves of key aspects of the OR program to maintain optimal vision on the puck which produces a much more consistent game. By providing these tools to goaltenders at a younger age, he/she will subconsciously utilize the idea of vision and head trajectory within their game which is the focus of the program. Other programs focus purely on technical aspects of the game, and the goaltender is never explained the reasoning behind what they are taught, they are told what to do therefore when they hit a slump, and they are unable to fix it immediately. OR Sports takes the time to explain their ideas and the evidence to support it to provide the goaltender with the utmost knowledge and complete understanding of what they are learning. OR Sports when explained is a very simple concept to adopt. Amazingly, something so simple can completely remodel ones goaltending beliefs and fortunately I was lucky to have been introduced to this program as it has taken my play to a new level."

NCAA Goalie


"Optimum Reaction Sports enabled me to turn a disappointing start to a season into a successful playoff drive starting immediately once I was introduced to its foundation. The main focus of Optimum Reaction Sports is to maintain proper vision of the desired object in order to achieve optimal sight and reaction time. As a goaltender, the key component of your game is the puck. By maintaining proper vision and focus on the puck, and away from other distractions, you create an unvarying focus which in my case led to a consistent performance. Consistency is an attribute that must be present among any athlete that wishes to pursue his or her sport at a professional level. Optimum Reaction Sports exposed the secret of a consistent performance to me by taking a scientific approach to the importance of vision and the explanation of the brain as the catalyst for excellence. By explaining the basis behind the program and tutoring you in the reason behind the syllabus, the athlete maintains a better grasp of the information, allowing the athlete to commit the program to memory. Once I was enlightened to the basis and educational objectives of the program, I was instantaneously a believer as I witnessed immediate results in my performance within the first ice session. Not only did the program help me immediately, it became the starting point of every practice and game and led to a successful season. Optimum Reaction Sports took my game to another level by explaining the importance of proper vision and did so without changing any technical part of my game which enables the program to fit into any athlete’s game, and in any sport. Optimum Reaction Sports transmits to any level of athlete and garners my respect and belief for the vast improvement I have seen in my game since my introduction to the program."

NCAA Goalie


"Last season I played in the AMHL (Alberta Midget Hockey League)... Playing in the league as a fifteen year old was an adjustment from my year previous in bantam. In the beginning I struggled and I was inconsistent. Dustin Schwartz was my goal coach for the season and was able to set me on track and improve my game immensely.  He spent many hours on and off the ice teaching me all about the new and simple yet a very comprehensive approach. I am confident in the OR Sports objective and research, and I feel that it is a big reason for success not only as a goaltender but in every sport. I have some exponential reasons to believe so. First of all it simplifies goaltending ten fold, as well it is realistically applied and results are seen immediately. Every goalie when playing his/her best is abiding by the concepts of OR Sports. Only the majority of the goalies do not know that they are doing so or know what is making them successful. OR Sports bridges that gap. Dustin was able to easily convey the ideas to me and was an excellent instructor. He took me step by step through the concepts and implemented them with clear instruction. I found that the more I got to see Dustin an increase in performance followed. It is crucial in helping me get to the next level. The program instills a new sense of consistency and prioritizes this approach when practicing. For example why spend so much time worrying specifically about post save recovery when you could eliminate it through stellar rebound control and allow head trajectory to lead you into your post save recovery? Dustin was able to relay me many new concepts and apply it to real life. I know that he is going to be successful with his teaching and OR Sports in the future, and I believe fully in what he passing on. The following are the largest impacts that OR Sports had on me. First of all head trajectory, this is the base for OR Sports and also what I found had the most affect on my play.  As soon as I began practicing it, the results were evident. When my head was in the proper position, my level of play increased immensely. Getting my head in the right position to see the puck also made a huge difference on my post save recovery. This changed from trying to get as much challenge as quickly as possible; to getting set in the angle to see the puck and reacting to the shot. I also found I didn't have to worry about post save as often because my rebound control was much better when I had proper head trajectory. Thirdly I went into games knowing that in order to be successful all I had to do was simply get my head into position to see the puck. Or in other words if I could see it, I stopped it. I even found that playing the puck was easier; if I had proper head trajectory I could make a better pass or play with less time. OR Sports is a very crucial step into your game and is what is necessary to make a good goalie a great goalie; It explains how goalies such as Martin Brodeur and Tim Thomas do not possess the best technical abilities but day in and day out are able to pull off stellar performances. OR Sports ties the knot between thought and action. It paints a clearer picture for goalies wanting to get better who are open minded and willing to learn."

Midget AAA Goalie


"I have had the opportunity to work with Dustin Schwartz this year, working on the concepts of OR Sports. These concepts have elevated my goaltending performance immensely and I can’t emphasize enough how critical this was in my seasons performance.

I was taught about head trajectory and sight of the puck and it was clear immediately why and how this could affect ones play. One thing I really enjoyed about the training was the actual science behind what was being taught. You weren’t just going on the ice listening to a goalie coach talk about his method and why he thinks they work. I found it impressive that OR Sports had so much scientific facts and knowledge behind it instead of personal methods. Another thing I enjoyed about this training is that ever since I have learned the concept of head trajectory, I have been able to correct and notice any flaws immediately in any situation if I have been scored on. Not only has this made it easier to help myself get better, but stopping the puck has come much more consistently.

The training I have received from OR Sports is not completely different and style altering for me. It has taken the skills and attributes I have gained through my years of playing and enhanced them. The efficiency in my game has significantly increased due to this training.

The break down I have been shown by Mr. Schwartz made goaltending much more simple than coaches I have had in the past. Making a save is just a continuous cycle, and when this is brought to your attention it opens your eyes to how complex and more difficult you are making it for yourself. This training doesn’t completely change a goalies game only refines it. Compared to other goaltending techniques I have experienced this has made a significant impact on my goaltending today. With the concept of everything beginning with the trajectory of your head I have learned that other mistakes you are making begin correcting themselves.

I have extremely enjoyed working with the OR Sports concepts. I would highly recommend working with this group of individuals as they have elevated my goaltending performance immensely. I could never say enough good things about what I have been taught this year. OR Sports has been one of the most beneficial coaches I have been with throughout my goaltending career."

Midget AAA Goalie


"OR Sports has improved my game so much, it keeps me focused during long games and keeps my mind off other things that are happening in and around the arena. I no longer have superstitions or need long preparations for games as I know that when I get on the ice my only concern is the puck and nothing else matters. I have now also realized OR Sports help me in other sports like tennis, skiing, golf and lots more. It has even improved my ability to focus on task in school especially during large and long tests."

Bantam AAA Goalie


"I think that OR Sports has impacted my sports experience because I feel that I have more control of my mobility in the net and I feel more comfortable and more at eeze when making even the most difficult saves. All the concepts I learned have helped a lot because now instead of guessing where half of the shots are going and trying to make the save, I know exactly where the puck is making it that much easier. Even though I have the same average of shots per game I have a way lower goals against average even after just one learning session. This sports program has really cleared my bad habits and is helping me play this position at full potential. Thank you for spending time on me with this. I had a lot of fun."

Peewee Goalie


"Our child is currently playing Peewee AA hockey which is the highest level in our area and has always played at a Tier 1 or Tier 2 level.  During his time as a goalie, he has attended numerous traditional goalie schools and had many quality instructors who have taught him the mechanics of current butterfly goaltending and save selection etc..  Although he has had strong mechanics and been blessed with great athleticism and reflexes, one short session on the OR principles allowed him to make a significant leap in his consistency and execution.  It was amazing to see the mechanics become very natural; he seemed to somehow become much quicker and his reflexes became much more precise resulting in an improved save percentage and a notable reduction in rebounds.  Being an engineer, I was curious about the underlying principles of the program after having witnessed such marked results so quickly and as I came to understand them I began watching other goalies at all levels of play from Novice to NHL and was truly a believer.  The OR system will make a significant improvement in any goaltender at any level.  It's really exciting to watch my son play close to his potential game after game.  I used to know the thrill of hearing the crowd gasp as my son made a desperate move that resulted in an amazing looking save, but now I rarely hear that as he makes extraordinary saves look routine and easy!  I never believed my son had even a remote chance of making hockey a career, but with the difference I have seen from OR, if I could keep this a secret you just might find me believing...even for just a moment."

Goalie Dad




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